About Us

AAA Interstate Transportation LLC began operation in April of 2003 when AAA All States Transportation Inc. of California merged with Interstate Transportation of Indiana. This strategic merger expanded both companies’ foot print and immediately benefited from over 40 years of combined operational experience in the drive-away business.

Since its inception, AAA Interstate Transportation LLC has worked meticulously to solidify relationships with major US Corporations. Over the past 14 years in business, AAA Interstate has safely and effectively moved over 100,000 trucks for the likes of Global – Altec, AT&T, ARI, and UPS. Expansion of operations has led to establishing terminals in California, Las Vegas, Colorado, and Indiana to best serve our customer’s needs making AAA Interstate Transportation the Gold Standard in the drive away industry. Over the years, AAA Interstate has been able to maintain positive relationships with our trusted driving force by focusing on every drivers need as an individual. Early on both ownership and management adopted a policy that believes in giving our drivers 100%  respect at all times, and we invest a great deal of time and resources to strengthen personal relationships with every driver.

Today, everyone at AAA Interstate Transportation maintains a forward thinking and positive attitude thriving on a willingness to accept any challenges, while always seeking a persistent focus on customer service.