A van driver sitting in he van wearing a blue jacket smiling

Tips for Success in Drive Away


Drive Away Trucking is a unique business that can be both lucrative and time freeing. As a driver, you are an independent contractor with the opportunity to choose the trips you would like to take, and work as often as you see fit. There is little to know overhead involved in being a Drive Away driver, as you do not own or operate your own vehicle, and there are no trip quotas to meet per month. It is a freeing job that is suited for those looking for more time for personal matters, while being able to make more money than most corporate trucking positions.

Being a Drive Away driver has both its advantages and challenges, but after 40 years of combined experience in the industry, AAA Interstate would like to pass along tips on how you can operate and navigate as a successful Drive Away contractor.


An initial investment in a tow car is perhaps the most practical factor in making great money over time as a contractor. While this investment may set you back in the beginning, a tow car allows you to have the ability to return from any trip cheaply and quickly. Also, a tow car is a great tool for being able to travel from one trip to the next efficiently, while being able to maximize the money you bank while on the road.


Now a days practically every hotel chain in the US offers a rewards program. These are very beneficial programs to enroll in because they allow drivers the ability to receive best possible rates per night, as well as aggressive deals on food and amenities that are great luxuries after a long day of driving.  The points you receive from these programs can also be used for future family vacations or personal travels, allowing you to explore new places at a great value.


While on the road you will most likely drive through some of the most sparse and non-populated territories in the country. Having an Emergency and Medical Kit is a great tool to make sure you are safe and well prepared to deal with any unfortunate issues that occur when help is not nearby.


Having an external GPS System on board while driving is great insurance for sticking to the best routes and time management. While most smart phones have built in navigation, a GPS will reliable guide you through any part of the US you find yourself traveling. All too often cell phone service is lost while on long hauls causing unnecessary detours or delays, but this is not an issue when you are utilizing the satellite software built in to your external GPS System.



Creating and maintaining a positive relationship with your dispatcher is essential to being able to best perform and be efficient on the road. Remember your dispatcher is there as a tool to assist you in any matter while you are behind the wheel. Whether it be assistance with finding a hotel, or coordinating return transport, all AAA Interstate dispatchers are just one phone call away. Also, it is great to check in regularly to give update your location so a dispatcher can alert the customer as to your ETA, as well as be able to coordinate any nearby trips that you can easily sign on to best utilize your time on the road. Your AAA dispatcher is willing to go the extra mile to help set you up with as many trips as you would like to take. After all the more time trips a driver take, the more money he or she puts in the bank!