Best Gadgets for the Road

No doubt, Americans love technology, and commercial drivers are no exception. Who wouldn’t you want to have access to the “latest” and “greatest” gadgets available in the market today to make life on the road more enjoyable?

Below is a compiled list of the best gadgets that make any trip more convenient and enjoyable:

Car Charger:                                                                       l   

Being able to have power to mobile technology on the road is both a luxury and safety must. A multi-unit power charger can constantly maintain battery power on all your mobile devices and accessories. This gadget helps keep you connected to your family and loved ones, while always being able to reach assistance in case of an emergency.


O.R.B. Bluetooth Headset:                                                 download        

With this super cool Bluetooth earpiece, you will be able to stay connected to your family and loved ones hands free while driving. It is lightweight, simple to use, and can turn into a ring that you can wear on your finger when not in use. It also has a vibrating feature that helps to notify you of incoming messages and calls while in the ring form. Another feature showcases caller ID, and the start of a text message.


Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker:        cscs

Why miss out on your favorite coffee? With the Coleman QuikPot Propane Coffeemaker, you can have fresh-brewed coffee in 15 minutes, no matter the conditions. While truck stop coffee is easy, there is nothing like being able to make you own favorite brew if you are in a remote location and need some extra caffeine to keep you alert during the final leg of your haul.


Volt Travel Cooler:                                                            xsxsxsx    

Why waste money on buying food on the road? With the Volt Travel Cooler you can pack your food and other sustenance with you. The Volt Coolers are perfect for road trips since they are conservative and make use of cigarette lighter as a power source. Whether its fruit, vegetables, meat or beverages, this cooler will be a safe guard in making sure you can bring the comfort of a home cooked meal on the road with you.


Optimus Crux Lite Stove with Terra Solo Cookset:      xsaxsaxsa 

With this ultra-light 3 piece cook framework, you can cook on the road in a snap. The set is easy to use and travel with. It has a total of weight of less than 10 ounces; the feature includes a pot with pouring lip, scaled down stove, measuring marks, and a griddle that serves as a cap.


Scrubba Washbag:                                                             dasad

With this superb technology, you can easily wash your garments while on road. It is compact, light weighted, and has self-contained wash board. When you want to wash a few day’s worth of lightweight garments, you don’t even need a sink. The Scrubba Wash and Dry Kit includes a Packing Cell, Travel Clothes Line, Wash Bag and Inflatable Coat Hangers.


Nightlighter Flashlight:                                                        dsadscxsa

This is a suitable tool for late night adventures. The superb flashlight sparkles two separate light sources that give you an expansive scope of brightening. It uses cutting edge LEDs that light the way forward, in the meantime giving you descending wide-point lighting to enable you to see clearly no matter how dark it is. It is very easily adjusted and intended to be ergonomic. Carrying this light for long periods of time won’t tire your hand, and will keep your eyes from having to painfully squint.


Hard Cover Travel Journal:                                                           sacdswcew                   

With this alluring, convenient travel diary, you are able to share your travel memories with your family and loved ones when you return home by being able to record your adventures on the road. The journal has everything sorted for keeping and organizing your memories. The journal features trip planning information, calendars, and adhesive labels to customize your diary to your heart’s desire.


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